Sip the Summer: Specials, News, & Events

It's going to be a scorcher of a summer this season, but before you bust open that fire hydrant, let us cool you down. We've utilized some of the best, most delicious, produce the summer season has to offer to create the ultimate cooling, refreshing, hydrating, drinks to quench that thirst. Whether you're stocking up for the beach or sippin' in the city, we've got just what you need to beat the heat all summer long.  Check out our summer specials and what we've got going on this July in the details below. 


The Mix: watermelon, mint, lime, aloe, green tea*


The Fix: Excessive heat have you dragging? This is the drink for you! Packed with freshly pressed watermelon, this refreshing treat is packed with natural electrolytes for hydration. Mint and aloe cool and soothe the systems while a zip of lime helps alkalize the body. With a boost in energy from green tea, Heat Wave will have you calmed, cooled, and ready to take on the summer! 

The Taste: Sweet and juicy watermelon combine with cooling mint and aloe and a slight tartness from lime

*contains caffeine


The Mix: mango, pineapple, greek yogurt, turmeric, almond milk


The Fix:  Ditch the ice cream this summer and pick up this sweet treat instead! Pineapple and turmeric are both powerful anti-inflammatories that help soothe aching joints. Mango is chock-full of antioxidants that help promote skin health, digestion, and alkalize the body! Add a serving of non-fat greek yogurt for a little protein boost and you've got yourself the ultimate summer treat. 

The Taste: Our healthy take on the classic drink, Mango Lassi is rich and creamy with tropical sweetness and a hint of earthy turmeric



  • We're open on the 4th of July! Celebrate the holiday the Sip-N-Glo way with all your favorite cold-pressed juices and smoothies. We will be open at all locations from 9:00am-4:00pm
  • As part of our Spread the Love, Feel the Glo promotion, Sip-N-Glo will be donating a portion of profits from One Love juice sales to The Attic Youth Center for LGBTQ youth in Philadelphia
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