Sip Squad: Alanna Gardner


Alanna Gardner may be one of our favorite humans to grace this earth. Her passion for wellness is contagious, not to mention she inspires us while giving us jello legs at her Flywheel Sports and SLT classes. Naturally, she is a great fit for our Sip Squad and the perfect person to lend advice on pushing through the challenges that January can present. Check out her pro-tips in our interview with Alanna below.

Sip-N-Glo: Tell us a little about yourself, your business, and your thriving career in fitness.
Alanna Gardner: My name is Alanna Gardner and I’m a full-time wellness professional in Philadelphia. My business, Alanna Gardner, MFT LLC, is a combination of all things I’m passionate about doing to help people maintain or improve their quality of life. Whether that's through facilitating healthier mental, emotional, or relational well-being through my work as a Therapist with Philadelphia MFT or empowering people to change their relationship with their body through fitness as an Instructor at Flywheel Sports and SLT (Strengthen-Lengthen-Tone); I’m an overall lover of wellness and feel emotional and physical health are two pillars of a person’s overall success.

SNG: January can be an intense month--setting resolutions, getting back into a routine, not to mention it feels like it’s always dark and cold. What are some of your pro tips staying focused on goals?                                                                                             AG: Accountability is HUGE for me during this time of year. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand Winter (it doesn’t agree with my spirit lol) but it’s such an amazing time of year to put goals into action because I’m not as distracted by social events. Utilizing this time means putting myself in a position where I have to be held accountable. Telling someone I’m coming to their class, scheduling a date with a friend, becoming an ambassador for an empowering retreat like The Positivity Charge: if I know you’re expecting me to show up and show out; that’s exactly what I’ll do.

SNG: Balance is huge for us. Do you have any suggestions for avoiding feeling overwhelmed and enveloped by the whole “new year, new you” vibe?                               AG: I lessen the pressure by not subscribing to resolutions or “starting fresh” in January. I believe anyone can start over at any time! It can be a lot of pressure to put so much into this “new year, new me” vibe so I scale back and get real about my goals and expectations. Understanding what I can do to get to a goal is a game changer. I dream big so as a result I break everything down to tiny actionable steps. “Little by little until a little becomes a lot” is what I try to live by when it comes to my goals and the goals of my clients so that it’s not as overwhelming or defeating.

SNG: Where do you seek out inspiration if you’re feeling unmotivated?                            AG: I get curious about how I can change what I’m doing. If I’m bored with my method of teaching, I explore ways to spice it up! I look to other professionals in my field to see how they go about doing things or tailor new techniques to make them uniquely me. Challenging myself to move out of my comfort zone by trying new activities gets the creative juices flowing as well.

SNG: Do you have any healthy habits that you incorporate into your daily routine that you find very useful?                                                                                                                    AG: Prayer and journaling are a must for me everyday. I find it so cathartic and restorative since I spend a majority of my time pouring myself into others and understanding their challenges. I need my own personal outlet to release all I’ve experienced throughout the day as well as a way to keep track of my wins while expressing gratitude for what I’m thankful for. It’s incredibly encouraging to look back on what I wrote/prayed for and see what has manifested since then.

SNG: What are you most looking forward to in 2018?
AG: I’m extremely excited to launch my website! From collaborative projects, to features from other wellness pros, to being a resource for people to refer to when they need it; It's a home for everything I do within the wellness community, so stay tuned! I cannot wait to share what I have in store!

SNG: What’s your favorite Sip-N-Glo drink and why?
AG: I feel personally bullied by this question because it’s impossible to just have one!! There’s so much on the menu that I enjoy but if I had to choose a juice, a bottled protein and a smoothie it would be the Charcoal Lemon-Aid, Vanilla Chai Pump Up, and Goji Glo (my personal mix is half banana, half strawberry for a PBnJ flavor!)


Like what you're reading? Find Alanna on the schedule at Flywheel Sports and SLT or in her office at Philadelphia MFT. You can also follow her on social media at @alannagthemft