Stay in the Glo: February 2019

February is here! Last month was filled with challenges of different kinds to start off the new year with a bang. This month, we are bringing you a challenge of our own to continue those healthy habits even further! They say it takes a month to create a habit, well why not make it two just to be cautious. Between our Glo Challenge and new monthly specials, there’s lots to look forward to during the depths of February.

Sip-N-Glo Glo Challenge.jpg

Glo Challenge


Everyone starts off the new year going strong with healthy habits, but we all typically dip off by the time February rolls around. They say it takes a month to create a habit, so we figure we’ll help make it easy and rewarding to stick with it even longer!

How it works.

This month only, get a gift card for the number of sips you purchase throughout the month. There are three tiers, making it easier to reward healthy habits of different kinds. It is important to us that we create positive messaging around creating healthy habits and that their isn’t a one size fits all for our customers. For each sip purchased, you’ll receive a stamp on a special Glo Challenge card (purchase 3 juices, receive 3 stamps). You must receive the exact number or higher of sips for each tier to receive the gift card: 14, 20, 28 (see the tiers and gift card amounts in the graphic above). The great thing about this challenge? It not only encourages healthy habits in February, it gets you free stuff in March! Stop by in-stores to pick up your Glo Challenge card today and start sippin’!

*Excludes shots + kid size

**Glo Challenge cards can be redeemed for gift cards starting March 1st.

Sip-N-Glo Juicery February Smoothie and Juice

Seasonal Specials

We’ve got two classics returning this month, Love Potion and Sweetheart, with flavors you’ll fall in love with (yes, a February pun).

Love Potion

The Mix: cacao, strawberry, maca, cinnamon, banana, coconut nectar, almond milk

The Fix: This feel good smoothie balances mood boosting cacao with stimulating and rebalancing maca making it the perfect addition to any occasion, romantic or otherwise.

The Taste: Think chocolate covered strawberry, need I say more?


The Mix: red beet, blood orange, pineapple, lime, maca root tea

The Fix: This sip helps boost circulation and energy with beet and maca while also providing a vitamin C boost for the depths of winter and flu season.

The Taste: Tart citrus and tangy pineapple balance out earthy beet for a well balanced treat.

One Love Donation

Some of you may have known that we did a canned food drive last month for Project Home (thank you to everyone who donated!). We are continuing the giving to Project Home with a donation from our One Love juice now through the end of March. A portion of all One Love sales will be donated to Project Home, a local organization focused on breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty.