December Specials!

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Holiday season is in FULL swing and we've got everything you need to power you through that last minute holiday shopping and keep you in a healthy routine despite the holiday hustle. Check out what we've mixed up this month to bring you all the healthy holiday feels! 



The Mix: cashews, ginger, hempseed protein, vanilla bean, cinnamon, honey, banana, almond milk

The Taste: A delicious gingerbread cookie with creamy cashews and warming vanilla

The Fix: Freshly juiced ginger and vanilla bean aid in digestion, while cashews, known for their mood boosting properties, help with hormone balance and serotonin production. Combine that with the Omega-3s of hempseed protein and you've got yourself the perfect man, Gingerbread Man that is. 



The Mix:  apple, carrot, beet, swiss chard, ginger, cinnamon

The Taste:  Sweet apples, earthy root vegetables, with warming ginger and cinnamon (plus some sneaky greens that you don't taste!)

The Fix: This winter treat will power you through all that last minute holiday shopping! Beets help relax blood vessels to working muscles, increasing blood flow and productivity. Carrot and apple are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, respectively, keeping your immune system boosted during holiday travel. Mix that with the nutrient density of swiss chard and ginger, and you'll be Glo-ing all month long.

FLU FIGHTER (available November-February)

The Mix: carrot, orange, kale, lemon, ginger

The Taste: Love ginger? This is your drink. Sweet and earthy carrot and orange combine with spicy ginger and tart lemon to put the pep right back in your step

The Fix: The name says it all. Flu season is upon us and this juice is just the fix you need to stay Glo-ing all winter long. Ditch the tablets and powders and get the real stuff. Your immune system will thank you.