Glo Challenge 2018


Making those New Years resolutions last through January can be the toughest part, so we're here to help you through February AND March with our 2018 Glo Challenge. We've switched it up this year, creating a tiered system so no matter how much you sip, you get rewarded for maintaining those healthy habits in February!  How does it work, you ask? For the month of February, track your Sip-N-Glo drink* purchases on your Glo Challenge punch card to earn a Sip-N-Glo gift card to be used in the month of March, keeping those healthy habits going! Enjoy a healthy Sip for each day of February and be rewarded with the big bucks! 

 28 drinks earns $50 gift card

20 drinks earns $30 gift card

14 drinks earns $20 gift card


Glo Challenge cards are available for pick up in all stores today! Start tracking your drinks February 1st. Have questions? Ask your barista for details. Let's Glo! 


*Excludes shots and free drinks earned by rewards program                                                  *Must purchase exactly 14, 20, or 28 drinks to receive gift card                                            *Glo Challenge cards can be redeemed for gift cards starting March 1, 2018