September Specials & News!

Summer may be coming to a close but have no fear, we have 3 seasonal specials to help you feel balanced and grounded as we head into Fall. With fan favorites like The Great Pumpkin, Herban Legend, and Fall Festival, we’ll jumpstart those healthy habits that may have taken a backseat during the summer.


The Mix:  Pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, vanilla bean, honey, banana, almond milk

The Fix: Pumpkin’s high fiber content satiates hunger while curbing cravings. This smoothie boasts high vitamin E, great for hair, skin, and nails to leave you glo-ing from the inside out.

The Taste: Skip the latte and try something real. This smoothie features our house-made pumpkin spice blend with the perfect balance of real pumpkin to satisfy that sweet tooth without the additives.


The Mix: Anjou pear, granny smith apple, spinach, cucumber, mint, parsley, matcha

The Fix: This is no urban legend, this juice is bursting with nutrient rich ingredients. Pear's high vitamin C content, coupled with green tea matcha's healthy dose of iron and antioxidant properties will help rejuvenate your routines into fall.

The Taste: This juice balances the sweet pear with delicate mint and parsley to create a classic green juice with a twist.


The Mix: Carrot, apple, sweet potato, parsnip, lemon, dandelion root tea, pumpkin spice

The Fix: This juice will help ground you with its vitamin rich root vegetables: Parsnips provide a heart healthy boost while sweet potatoes promote healthy skin and eyes. Pair these benefits with the anti-inflammatory properties of the dandelion root tea and it will leave you feeling refreshed and revived through the seasonal changes.

The Taste: Warming spices meets crisp apple. This refreshing juice checks all of the fall flavor boxes.


IN Other Sip-N-Glo News:

  • Golden Mylk is Back: Craving the classic warming spices of fall? Golden Mylk's got you covered. This fan favorite is back, so stop by the stores to grab one while supplies last!

  • Labor Day Hours: Labor Day is here! That was quick! We will be open on the holiday from 10am to 4pm to help with all your sip necessities. Can’t make it in on Monday? We will have normal hours on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Pre-Order Cleanses: The end of summer is near which means it’s time to hit the reset button and get cleansin’! Stop by in-store to pick up a cleanse or pre-order 3 and 5 day Protein and Detox Cleanses on our website for easy sipping.