Glo Easy with CBD!

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest product, Glo Easy, featuring 15 mg of CBD, the non-psychoactive (it won’t make you feel high!) element of hemp.

Intrigued? Read more below!

Glo Easy Sip N Glo.jpg

The Mix:

15mg CBD, strawberry, rosewater, dragonfruit, hibiscus, lemon, apple

The Fix:

Whether you are trying to stay calm during finals, relax during the chaos of your day-to-day, or simply looking for a sweet treat you can enjoy guilt-free, this is your sip!

The Taste:

Glo Easy is perfectly balanced with sweet strawberry, tart lemon and floral rose giving you a full range of flavor to enjoy while you sip back and relax.

More on this sip:

This product has been in our test kitchen for over a year as we developed the right flavor profile to match the benefits of the drink. We did our due diligence to research CBD as a superfood from visiting dispensaries in California, to evaluating the efficacy of the form we used in our products. As with any supplement, just because a product advertises a certain quantity of CBD does not mean that the body is able to absorb and harness the benefits of that superfood effectively. From our research and discussions with multiple professionals, we landed on a water soluble version that the body can more easily absorb due to the bioavailability of the CBD in this form. We also carefully researched and spoke to professionals about the appropriate milligram amounts for our product, which is how we landed on 15mg.

Our Sip Squad community member Adriana Adelé wrote an article for Urban Wellness Mag about CBD (the link is attached below)! So we thought she would be the perfect person to review Glo Easy and give her take on CBD:

Helloooo Glo-ers! It’s Adriana here from the Sip Squad! If we haven’t met before, check out my intro blog and how I plan to handle this potentially hectic holiday season.

So at the risk of sounding like a totally annoying wellness hipster, I’ve been stoked on CBD products since at least like 2011 before they were super mainstream. (I know, I know, I’m unrolling my eyeballs from the back of my head too.) But it’s true! Almost 10 years ago, I was living out in California, where the attitude about hemp products were a little more *cough* *cough* progressive than on the East Coast. CBD went from being sold in speciality shops only to being in grocery stores to lattes to massages to dog treats.

If you’re not sure what CBD is, to make a long story short it’s a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant that acts as an our endogenous cannabinoid system, meaning our body produces cannabinoids and has receptors for them. The ECS affects a number of our bodily systems from our autoimmune system to our gut to our mood. CBD has been touted for its effects on everything from insomnia, to depression and anxiety, to GI distress, to general pain relief and inflammation reduction. And even though it comes from the cannabis plant, unlike THC, CBD works sans any of the psychoactive effects of its more famous cousin, THC. (If you’re looking for a more detailed dive into the inner workings of CBD, check out this article I wrote for Urban Wellness Mag.)

Anyway, when I heard Sip-N-Glo was a launching a CBD infused juice, Glo Easy, I could swear I could audibly hear “these are a few of my favorite things” in my head in Julie Andrews’ voice and everything.  On a chilly weekend morning, the bright red color, tropical flavor, and lemony after kick were enough to put me in a great mood….but I can’t lie, the 15 mg of CBD certainly helped too. When it comes to CBD (and any health supplement/adaptogen/etc) I much prefer topicals or capsules over tinctures or infused products because...well, they taste gross to me. Not at all the case with my new bff, Glo Easy, whose taste was super refreshing, light, and drama-free like any good friend should be. Other than that, I got exactly what I’d expect from 15 mg of CBD— a chill, relaxed energy. I like to frame the effects of CBD from “what I feel” to “what I don’t feel”, meaning the decrease in my anxiety symptoms and clarity of mind. Especially with the holidays upon us as new year around the corner, we could all use a little extra clarity! But don’t take my word for it, next time Glo Easy is restocked (it sold out on its first weekend!) grab a bottle and see what you feel!