2017 Wrap Up with Kristin


2017, it's been a wild one. As we start to wrap up the year and settle into the holidays we look back on 2017 and reflect on the good, the bad, and even the ugly. We sat down Sip-N-Glo owner, Kristin Lubsen, to hear her reflections of 2017.


Sip-N-Glo What were your top 3 best moments of 2017?

KL: 1. Opening my third location, 1700 Sansom Street, in just under four years was really great. 3 stores in 3 years was never a goal but to see it happen organically was pretty incredible.  Thinking back on when I had just opened the first store, it was just a single space. When the Sansom Street store opened it, it opened as a branded company. To see that successful evolution was really amazing. I never imagined having the amount of staff I have now. Being able to employ that many people is really something special.  

2. Getting engaged. I had no idea that it was coming and I was completely surprised. It was such a perfect reflection of our relationship together.  

3. Going on a personal vacation without my laptop and not touching work while on the trip. I haven’t taken a vacation without my laptop since I opened the first store in 2013. It gave me the opportunity to reconnect with myself.  

SNG: What was your biggest surprise in 2017?

KL: Balance between my personal and professional life has always been challenging. Through a number of events in 2017 I was able to create a much better balance that not only worked but one I feel really good about. Giving myself the space to disconnect from work has made me a much more effective business owner, friend, and partner. 

SNG: What did 2017 teach you?

KL: I’ve learned to trust and give value to my inner voice. Sometimes it can be challenging to not second guess yourself or value others opinions over your own, 2017 gave me the opportunity to connect to my voice and my relationship with myself. Feeling solid in my own voice has reinvigorated how I lead and evolve my company.  

I used to get really caught up in what everything “should” look like. I’ve learned to let go of the expectations and really be able to enjoy the present moment for exactly what it is. As a result, I’ve been able to give more flexibility and forgiveness when it all doesn’t go according to plan.

SNG: Best thing you ate, drank, and danced to in 2017?

KL: Locally, the sweet potato agnolotti braised oxtail and brown butter from Fri, Sat, Sunday. Internationally, my entire meal from Enoteca Ferrara Ristorante in Rome, Italy. I LOVED the sweet pea summer cocktail from Harp and Crown in Philly. As far as music goes there were so many great songs in 2017, I can't just pick one. So here are are a few: Bodak Yellow by, Cardi B., Thunder, by Imagine Dragons, and Humble, by Kendrick Lamar. 

SNG: Looking into 2018, what are you most looking forward to in this upcoming year?

KL: Personally, I’m so excited to plan my wedding with my fiance. It is so cool to think that we have the opportunity to have a giant celebration of our love with the people we care about the most. I love to create, and I’m excited to build an event with that creativity, using a lot of personalization, bright colors, and glitter! 

Professionally, I see so much opportunity to continue to grow and expand the company and connect with our community. When I created Sip-N-Glo almost 5 years ago I didn’t have a set plan, but now I feel so solid in what we are capable of doing.

SNG: Any goals or resolutions?

KL: I’m looking forward to continuing to develop and listen to my voice personally and professionally.  I love how Sip-N-Glo has been able to provide Philadelphia with products that taste good and are good for them. The goal is to always continue to evolve, update, and create the best products possible. We’ll continue to keep our finger on the pule of what’s new and available to incorporate it on our menus with some Sip-N-Glo flair.

SNG: What can we expect from Sip-N-Glo in 2018?

KL: To keep you on your toes! We have been crafting up new items as well as updating our current menu with new exciting ingredients and superfoods. I'm so excited to share what's being tested with our costumers! We are also concentrating on specific benefits of superfoods and produce (which is super fun to play with) and how we can provide those benefits to our customers via delicious beverage. Basically, keep an eye out because we're Glo-ing hard in 2018!