Sip Squad: Ryan Lewis


Holiday season is upon us and while we're thrilled to spend time with loved ones, take an extra serving of pie (life is about balance!), and Glo bright in this festive season, the holidays can no doubt be challenging when it comes to managing our stress and maintaining the healthy habits we work hard on year round!  This month, we've asked SoulCycle instructor/legend, Ryan Lewis, to join our Sip Squad and give us his pro-tips on how he stays rooted during the holiday hustle.  Check our our interview with him below!

Sip-N-Glo: Tell us a little about yourself and your health & wellness journey. 

Ryan Lewis: I am originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, but spent several years going to school and living in New York City and one year in Chicago before making my way back home.

Fitness has always been a priority of mine, and indoor cycling has been the one workout that has persisted since I took my first cycling class almost 14 years ago. Health and wellness became a top priority of mine when I decided to make some life changes and started to live clean. Since then, I have left a corporate desk job for the opportunity to pursue a career of a lifetime teaching at SoulCycle. Since making this career switch, I have not taken my position for granted and have always led head and heart first to inspire others to live in a way that takes care of themselves in order to develop the capacity to take care of others.


SNG: Holidays are around the corner which is exciting BUT can also bring on the stress. What are some of your pro-tips for stress management and staying grounded during the holiday season?

RL: I am very fortunate in that a big responsibility within my role is to create a therapeutic space for the riders in my classes. It is witnessing their reception of this creation that I stay out of the darker themes that can be brought about during the holiday season. Admittedly, my holidays growing up were always a time for light and love; however, there’s that overwhelming list of to-do’s that can cloud the simple joy of the season.

I teach every class especially during the holiday season with intention. That intention is typically within the realm of keeping it simple. Too often we succumb to the pressure of showing up in the most perfect way for our loved ones this time of year (finding the perfect gift, etc.). Presently, however, I think we need to reevaluate the value of our time and simplify our gift giving to spending time with one another. We allow ourselves to get busier and busier as days go by, so this year I am trying to keep it simple and focused on quality time.


SNG: We’re all about balance (i.e pass the pie, please). How do you maintain healthy habits while the holiday hustle is going on?

RL: My fitness regimen is rather intense as I teach seventeen classes a week at SoulCycle and cross-train about 7 times a week at either CrossFit Rittenhouse or [solidcore]. Therefore, I am lucky enough to be a little shameless in how I enjoy the holidays. Though the holidays are a super busy time with events and such, I maintain my personal fitness as a priority when making plans. Whether that means I show up to a holiday party an hour or so late, then so be it. We have to take care of ourselves in this way because no one is going to do it for us.

Additionally, I thoroughly believe in the idea of vibe attracts your tribe, so maybe part of your holiday plans with those you are closest with involve some sort of physical activity. Hop into a SoulCycle class (bonus points if it is a holiday music theme ride!) and make time for each other following the class. Everyone will be in good spirits through the power of sweat, manifesting more holiday cheer!


SNG: On a day-to-day basis, what are your healthy habits that you find most useful?

RL: I am all about consistency. The mornings are the most pivotal time for me as I teach at 6:00AM Tuesday through Friday and early morning classes on Saturday and Sunday, too. Getting my day started calmly is always top priority. This typically means getting up at 4:00AM or 4:30AM to have some espresso and breakfast before heading out to the studio, but it is that lack of chaos in the morning that allows me to come into each day with a sense of clarity within my purpose.

Additionally, I keep my ear close to my stomach when it comes to understanding what my body needs for sustenance. I take really good care of myself in that regard in how I choose to satisfy my hunger. Ever since Sip-N-Glo has become our neighbor at the Rittenhouse Square studio, they have quickly become my go-to coming and going to the studio. It happens often where I stop by on my way to class to grab a smoothie or juice there and the entire thing is gone by the time I have walked that ONE BLOCK between the store and the studio. Self control is a practice.


SNG: What’s your favorite Sip-N-Glo drink and why?

RL: Goji Glo (with added hemp protein). Peanut butter is my favorite ingredient in a smoothie, and the Goji Glo does it right with the added goji berries to transform a simple peanut butter and banana smoothie into this dream concoction that tastes like a PB&J sandwich. I add the hemp protein to it for added sustenance to help me during those longer pushes and runs in class ;).

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