Introducing the 2016 Glo Challenge!

We are SO excited to introduce our Glo Challenge! Starting a new year has many of us creating healthy goals. If that’s you, you’ve started and you're on the right track to creating lasting, healthy habits and we want to challenge you to keep it glo-ing all through February and beyond!

The Challenge:

The Glo Challenge is a program where you enjoy a 16oz juice or smoothie from either Sip-N-Glo location that will be kept track of on a punch card. If you do not have the time to come in everyday, we welcome you to buy in bulk for the week and it will be honored on the punch card.


Statistically speaking, just 8% of  New Year’s resolutions are achieved. We wanted to create a tool to keep you on track for your goal this year. With the Glo Challenge, those healthy resolutions you set for yourself January 1st become habitual when incorporating a wellness drink into your daily routine. Whether you simply need more greens or are seeking eating habits, we have your back. At Sip-N-Glo, we believe in making health enjoyable and accessible. Join us for the month of February as we challenge you to continue keep moving into a healthier lifestyle with our Glo Challenge.


The Reward:

Have you ever woken up in the morning after a full night’s sleep feeling refreshed and revitalized? Let’s have you feel that way everyday. Consuming a juice or smoothie surges your body with essential vitamins, nutrients, and live enzymes that give you that natural pep in your step. Each one of our juices is geared towards specific health benefits, enabling our products to meet the needs of every individual. Need a little more incentive?  Those that successfully complete the Glo Challenge will receive a $50.00 gift card to be used at either Sip-N-Glo location. This way, you can keep these healthy habits going EVEN LONGER!

We encourage you to approach our Glo Challenge with friends! The more support, the better the results! 29 days, 29 juices; let’s create healthy habits together. Sign up in stores today!