April Specials


The Wild Child Juice

The Taste: Take a walk on the wild side with this sweet, unique, and refreshing juice. We promise you’ve never had anything like it.

The Mix: Orange, Beet, Pineapple, Cucumber, Mint, Lime, Spirulina

The Fix: This juice is energizing and refreshing. Beets give you a boost of energy while the sweets (orange and pineapple) keep your immune system functioning at its best and promote healthy digestion and the absorption of nutrients. The cucumber, mint, and lime refresh your taste buds while cooling, hydrating and reducing inflammation in your system. The Spirulina rounds it all out with a boost of protein, minerals and nutrients to help you get your daily fix.

Rocket Power Juice 

The Taste: A balance of crisp greens and sweet apple, lightly peppered with arugula.   

The Mix: Apple, Arugula, Swiss Chard, Cucumber, Spinach

The Fix: This is a good clean way to fuel your day. If you’re lacking greens in your diet, this juice’s vitamin and mineral content can satisfy your body’s craving and promote bone health. It’ll also help to hydrate and alkalize your body to keep you feeling balanced.

Bee Fresh Smoothie

The Taste: Fruity, light, and refreshing!

Mix: Cucumber, Apple, Strawberry, Banana, Lime, Bee Pollen

The Fix: Cucumber and lime are alkalizing which means they help to reduce the body’s pH levels to keep you at a healthy balanced state.  Don’t overlook strawberries and bananas! They’re delicious, good for digestion, and can provide sustained energy and prevent cramps if eaten before a workout. This fruity smoothie also includes bee pollen, which packs a punch of protein and seasonal allergy reducing qualities.

Blue Sky Smoothie 

The Taste: A creamy blueberry smoothie with a hint of lavender.

The Mix: Blueberries, Lavender, Hempseed Protein, Cashews, Banana, Almond Milk

The Fix:   On top of the amazing antioxidants the blueberries in this smoothie provide, it also boasts hempseed protein; an easily digestible source of plant-based protein. Cashews contain tryptophan, an essential amino acid that improves serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin works for mood regulation in the brain and can promote the effects of calmness and relaxation. This combined with the relaxing and anxiety reducing properties of lavender to leave you feeling blissful.