Sip-N-Glo Cleanse


You know how the old saying goes... “New Year, New You”. Well we think that the old you is great and like anybody just needs a healthy re-boot from all the holiday fun! What better way to detox than with a delicious juice cleanse?

Why Cleanse:

By cleansing you will help improve low-energy, irritable moods, sleepiness and skin troubles. It will help to create inner-calmness, grounded clarity, natural energy and a sense of weightlessness from the inside-out that will leave you GLO-ING!

The Breakdown:

We offer three different cleanse packages that give you the option of cleansing for 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days. The Classic Cleanse is one for everyone and is our most popular! It contains 5 juices and 1 protein shake per day. This cleanse is known for its user friendly and enjoyable experience! 

The second cleanse package is our Green Cleanse, and you guessed it, it’s for all the green fiends out there! This cleanse is for the more experienced cleansers, but always balanced and 

enjoyable for not just the veggie lover. The third option is the Protein Cleanse. This option is perfect for the athletic type or individuals who desire more protein intake while cleansing.

Ready to start your cleanse? Here’s how:

Cleanses can be ordered in person at the store or by phone by calling (267)-273-0639. All orders must be made by 10am at least one day prior to pick up. Payment is required upon ordering cleanse. You are able to pick up to 3 days of cleansing at a time in store during store hours. 

Learn more about your 2015 re-boot here!