Our first Kno Your Glo series was a blast! Below you’ll see a recap from Tuck himself:

“Refreshments included plant based protein options such as edamame, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, whole grain crackers, cheese, even some red wine, fresh grapes and fruit infused water.

We showcased in-store product samples as tuck specials…Green Balance shake w/hemp seed, Honey Love w/ spirulina, and pump ups. The talk started around 6:15pm & ended at 7pm. I brought up the fact that Farm Animal Rights Movement used Ghandi’s birthday, 10/2, to support their cause for a world fast against farm animal cruelty and hunger.

John and I decided to fast along ’till sunset. Also mentioned, protein comes from the Greek word “protos” meaning “first“ so I thought it was cool because it was the first of many talks to come. Tuck talks started as a way to build health and wellness awareness, not just within the community but more importantly within yourself. The idea of familiarizing oneself with the body’s natural intuition and ability to heal itself, understanding and developing a better relationship with your body..for ex: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, losing hair, wounds that heal poorly and protein deficiency – also, too much protein can lead to chronic illness, irritability, kidney stones, etc.

Basically a well balanced dietary source of protein is key whether animal/plant its all protein, intake simply depends on the individual’s needs, find out what works for you by incorporating an adequate variety of choices. The average American actually exceeds daily protein requirement, all whole foods contain protein some more concentrated than others. Focus on fresh, natural sources, stray from heavily processed, sugary, fatty foods, it’s not just about the proteins but the package is comes with, example: Vitamins & minerals, etc. As long as you choose from a wide variety of plant based/animal options, supplements included, then anyone is able to adequately satisfy protein needs.(with the exception of those incapable of properly digesting protein ex. cancer patients).”

A world of knowledge in less than an hour – Stay tuned here for the next Tucks Talks!